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Shop of astrological gemstones

04 Jul 2019

I think many of you have heard about the use of gems in Vedic astrology. David Frawley, in his book Ayurvedic Astrology, writes the following: “The most important corrective means used in Vedic astrology are precious stones. This method in the hierarchy of astrological methods of treatment is put above all others”.

The beneficial effect of stones is very extensive:

- Improvement of fate due to increased favorable and adjustment of negative factors of the birth chart

- Thanks to the enormous power of influence, almost any problems in all spheres of life can be solved

- Filling a person with energy, enthusiasm, joy, as well as help in getting rid of diseases

- Can help in finding your destination, as well as attract luck and money

- Can bring to life a soul mate, children, love and build relationships

This is what Varahamihira in Brihat Samhita says: “Gemstones of high quality and favorable for the one born according to his birth chart bring prosperity, good luck and protection”.

I have long planned to establish cooperation, so that astrologers and their clients could order high-quality gemstones, but everything was somehow postponed. Today, I am pleased to present you the “Stones of Life” shop as part of my site The page contains all the basic information about the store, as well as photos and videos of stones.

The astrologer with experience of more than 7 years will deal with all issues - Haridev. He is a graduate of the International Association of Vedic Astrologers at the University of New Delhi. His main specialization is the sale and selection of astrological gemstones, which really can change the fate of a person for the better:

- Will identify the planets thouse to be corrected

- Will pick up the stones suitable for you

- Will select or help make jewelry for stones

- Will give recommendations on the wearing of gemstones

!!! Gems, which would really be workers and have an impact, can not be found in ordinary jewelry stores. When refining gemstones, heat treatment is often used, and cracks and cavities are filled with glass and polymers, which makes them dead and not having any power.

Haridev uses only natural, not warmed, pure gems, which is a rarity. In addition, they have been tested in the laboratory and have a quality certificate with a hologram seal. In his store “Stones of Life” there is a wide selection of stones for every taste: from budget options to the highest quality, worldwide delivery. When ordering gems as a gift a free consultation on the selection of stones based on a birth chart is provided.

If you need astrological gems for your clients in your advisory practice, or you or your acquaintances have problems in certain spheres of life, or you have recommendations from an astrologer on wearing stones, or you yourself have long thought about enhancing the energy of certain planets, feel free to order the stones on the site (“Sign up for a consultation” button).

In addition, we are open to long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial terms with those people who use gemstones in their practice. If you are, for example, a specialist in the field of Vedic astrology, Vastu, Ayurveda or any other, and you are interested in this proposal, call or write to Haridev: +7 917 36 18 777 (WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram).