Program features and prices

The astrological online program «VedicHoro» includes a lot of powerful, convenient and unique tools in the field of analysis of the natal chart and its rectification, compatibility, Prashna, Varshaphala, Muhurta, Transits, and also allows you to create and maintain a personal base of charts, conduct astrological research and much more . Free features can be useful both for practicing astrologers and for people who are simply interested in astrology.

Astrology includes many techniques and calculations that can easily get confused, so much attention is paid to a convenient, understandable and pleasant interface. If an astrologer needs to analyze a birth chart, evaluate transits or choose a favorable time, then all the necessary information will be available before his eyes. The program is more than 6 years old and it continues to be improved and replenished with new automated calculations, which greatly simplify the work of an astrologer.

Paid features, which are exclusively for Vedic astrologers, are provided by subscription for a period:

- 2 months (750 ₽ or 9 $)

- 1 year (3000 ₽ or 37 $)

- 2 years (5000 ₽ or 61 $)

Discounts for new users. At the same time, prices are 1,5 - 3 times lower than those of other similar programs, and the functionality is not at all inferior! Do not believe? Register on the site and get 7 days of access to all features of the program.

Payment subscription is carried out after logging in to your personal account at:

Comparison of free and paid version

General features
Automatic calculation of time zones and coordinates
Calculation parameters necessary for K.N. Rao and Sanjaya Rath schools. Selection of Ayanamsa, current location, etc.
Astrological chart
South and north styles are available, parallel display in two styles, displaying planets in their own color
Display of planetary and sign aspects, as well as primary and secondary argala on the selected house
The ability to put the Lagna in any house that allows you to rotate the chart (Moon chart, Sun, etc.)
Saving chart and related information as PNG
Exporting chart in the format of Jagannatha Hora, Parashara’s Light or Grahas program
Basic calculations
Divisional charts: Rasi (D1), Hora (D2), Drekkana (D3), Chaturthamsa (D4), Panchamsa (D5), Shashtamsa (D6), Saptamsa (D7), Ashtamsa (D8), Navamsa (D9), Dasamsa (D10), Rudramsha (D11), Dwadasamsa (D12), Shodasamsa (D16), Vimsamsa (D20), Siddhamsa (D24), Nakshatramsa (D27), Trimsamsa (D30), Khavedamsa (D40), Akshavedamsa (D45), Shashtyamsa (D60)
Special charts: chart with all the special Lagnas, Upagrahas or Karakas of Jaimini
Information about the planets: degrees, sign, nakshatra (pada, lord), relationship, house, lord, functional beneficence, avastha, karaka, combustion, planetary war, Shad Bala
Special position of the planets: Mrityu Bhaga, Pushkara Bhag, Pushkara Navamsa, Visha Navamsa, Sarpa Drekkana, Vargottama, Ashtamamsa, Gandanta, Dig Bala, Marana Karaka Sthana
Ashtakavarga: Sarvashtakavarga and Bhinnashtakavarga for each planet
Upagrahas: Dhuma, Vyatipata, Parivesha, Indrachapa, Upaketu, Gulika, Mandi, Kala, Mrityu, Ardhaprahara, Yamaghantaka
Special Lagnas: Bhava Lagna, Hora Lagna, Ghatika Lagna, Shri Lagna, Indu Lagna, Varnada Lagna, Karakamsa Lagna
Sphutas and others: Bija Sphuta, Kshetra Sphuta, Yogi Sphuta, Avayogi Sphuta, Sahayogi, Pranapada, Kunda, Bhrigu Bindu, Badhaka, Dagdha Rasi, 22nd Drekkana, 64th Navamsa
Transsaturn planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
Chakras: the position of the planets in the Chakras
More than 200 yogas: Solar yogas, Lunar yogas, Mahapurusha yogas, Nabhasa yogas and others (Raja yogas, Dhana yogas, Parivarthana yogas, Neecha Bhanga Raja yogas, etc.)
All 16 Tajaka yogas for Prashna and Varshaphala: Ikabala Yoga, Induvara Yoga, Manayu Yoga, Kambula Yoga, Gairi-kambula Yoga, Khallasara Yoga, Rudda Yoga, Duhphali-kuttha Yoga, Dutthotha-davira Yoga, Tambira Yoga, Kuttha Yoga, Durapha Yoga
Vimsopaka Bala, Vaiseshikamsa Bala, Vargottama Bala, Ishta Bala, Kashta Bala, as well as all the component parts of Shad Bala: Sthana Bala, Dig Bala, Kala Bala, Cheshta Bala, Drik Bala
The exact aspect strength of the planets in Virupas, influenced to the planets and houses, according to Maharishi Parasara
Bhava Chalita
An astrological chart, for convenience, includes cusps of houses and degrees of planets from the start of the house
Tabular information: №, cusp, start and end of the house (sign, degrees), the length of the house and the planets that are in it
Display of the currently living periods as well as the age at the beginning of each period
Vimshotari dasha, Chara dasha Jaimini K.N. Rao
Yogini dasha, Navamsa dasha, Ashtottari dasha, Narayana dasha (for any divisional card)
Calculation of dashas for each event, building a transit chart at the time of the event. Comparison of the initial period with the current when the time of birth changes
After how much and at what time the ascendant in the selected divisional chart will change, as well as the sign on which it will change
Ability to list the time of birth without page update
Calculate the time of change of ascendants for selected divisional charts in the specified time interval
Rectification of the time of birth based on the Tattva according to the techniques of Nadi, described by S. Rao
Selecting a chart for compatibility from your own chart database and manually specifying data
Compatibility calculation by the Moon, Ascendant, Sun, Mars and other planets
Ashtakuta (Varna, Vasya, Dina, Yoni, Graha Maitram, Gana, Rasi, Nadi) and additional Kutas (Mahendra, Rajju, Vedha, Gotra, Vihanga, Bhuta, Stri Dirgha) with all exceptions and detailed description for each Kuta
Kuja Dosha from As/Mo/Ve, the mutual position of the planets, the overlaying of the planets on the partner’s houses, Ashtakavarga compatibility
Calculation of the chart for the year and month indicating the current age
All 16 Tajaka yogas, Mudda dasha, Patyayini dasha, Hadda dasha, Yogini dasha, Vimshottari dasha, Sahams, Muntha, Varhesha (lord of the year)
Strength of the planets: Dwadasa Vargia Bala, Pancha Vargiya Bala, Harsha Bala
More than 60 names of events, including wedding, conception, travel and others, for each of which there is a detailed description of all necessary factors and their calculation
Hundreds of parameters for assessing the point in time are grouped into the following categories: General, Lagna, Navamsa, Moon, Masa, Vara, Tithi, Karana, Yoga and Nakshatra, which include 21 Maha Dosha, other unfavourable positions, neutralization factors, etc. For each item there is a detailed description, exceptions and points, and they themselves within the categories are sorted in order of importance
The main parameters of Muhurta, indicating their favorability: Tara Bala, Chandra Bala, VTN Yogas, special Nakshatras, where the duration are also calculated for the following parameters: Dasha, Masa, Vara, Hora, Tithi, Karana, Yoga, Nakshatra, Moon Sign, Muhurta, Nadika, Lagna and Navamsa
Panchanga for a month in visual display with an indication of their favorability: Brahma Muhurta, Abhijit Muhurta, Rahu Kala, Vara, Tithi, Nakshatra, Karana, Yoga, as well as Tara Bala, Chandra Bala and VTN Yogas
Search of Muhurta in the specified time interval, based on general principles and event, and performing instead of an astrologer over 95% of the work, displaying the search results in the most convenient and transparent view, highlighting the best time intervals
Automatic calculation of what time interval the planet is in the current sign and direction of motion
The overlaying of a transit chart on the natal: bindu in Sarvashtakavarga and Bhinnashtakavarga, Kakshya, house from the Ascendant and the Moon, the presence of Vedha, the effect of transit planets on the natal planets and houses through aspect or conjunction
Transits of planets for a year are visually displayed with an indication of their favorability: the occupied sign and house from the natal planet, the presence of Vedha, bindu in Sarvastakauvarga and Bhinnashtakavarga, and also the direction of movement. Kakshya for a month
Search of personal transits, where the transit chart is overlaying on the natal: in conjunction, aspects, in the house, bindu in Sarvastakavarga, and bindu in Bhinnashtakavarga, as well as calculation of Sade Sati by two methods (traditional and Shri H.N. Katwe)
Search of global transits for which the following categories are available: in conjunction, aspects, in the house, in a sign, in the Nakshatra, motion and other (combustion, vargottama, gandanta, etc.)
Personal chart base
Chart storage structure with the ability to create sections like on a computer
Special mode for working with clients, which visually displays all client charts and their execution status
Adding charts manually or importing them from Jagannatha Hora, Parashara’s Light or Grahas
Chart information: type (Jataka, Prashna, Muhurta, Mundane), birth data and gender, source (details) of birth time and accuracy rating (Rodden Rating: AA, A, B, C, DD, X)
Adding text notes to the chart (functionality is also available on the chart analysis page)
Adding events/tags to the chart (over 500 names) with date and commentary, which are grouped into the following categories: education, profession, career, finance, moving, parents, personal, marriage, children, health, diseases, religion, crime, character and other
Exporting charts in the format of Jagannatha Hora, Parashara’s Light or Grahas program, as well as notes and events/tags attached to the chart, in the .txt format both in one file or in separate
Filtering data by name, chart type, rating, gender, events/tags
Search of charts with the incorrect time zone or coordinate format
Celebrity base
Search of charts in the Astro-Databank base (more than 60000 charts)
Chart details: birth data, gender, Rodden Rating, Astro-Databank link, Wikipedia link (if available), events and tags with dates and comments
Search of charts by name, events/tags (over 1000 names) or starting with the selected letter of the alphabet
Search of charts for almost any astrological combinations: planet (cluster), lord, karaka or arudha -> in the house, aspects a house, in a sign, in a nakshatra, in conjunction or aspects a planet/lord/karaka/arudha, relationship, karaka, Shad Bala, a special position (combustion, gandanta, retrograde, etc.), as well as the search for yogas and bindu in Ashtakavarga
Search criteria: in any divisional chart, from the desired reference point (from the planet, the lord of the house, aaraka or arudha), indication of the gender and the rating of the accuracy of the time of birth, as well as the presence of events/tags and links to Wikipedia
Exporting charts in the format of Jagannatha Hora, Parashara’s Light or Grahas program, as well as links to Astro-Databank and Wikipedia, birth data, and events/tags attached to the chart, in the .txt format
Statistics for the selected divisional chart: how many times each planet is in each house/each sign/each nakshatra/conjunction to another planet/the role of each karaka
Search by personal chart base