Shop of gemstones «Stones of Life»

Beneficial effects of stones:
  • Improvement of fate due to increased favorable and adjustment of negative factors of the birth chart
  • Thanks to the enormous power of influence, almost any problems in all spheres of life can be solved
  • Filling a person with energy, enthusiasm, joy, as well as help in getting rid of diseases
  • Can help in finding your destination, as well as attract luck and money
  • Can bring to life a soul mate, children, love and build relationships
Gemstones of high quality and favorable for the one born according to his birth chart, bring wealth, prosperity, luck and protection
Varahamihira, Brihat Samhita
The most important corrective tool used in Vedic astrology are gemstones. This method in the hierarchy of astrological methods of treatment is placed above all other
David Frawley, Ayurvedic Astrology
All inclusive:
Assistance in the selection of stones for every taste and budget, making rings and pendants, shipping worldwide
Consultation of an astrologer on the selection of stones based on the birth chart
A wide selection of stones: from budget options to the highest quality
Assistance in the manufacture of high-quality astrological rings and pendants from different metals of any difficulty
High quality:
The use of only natural, not heated, pure gemstones, which is a huge rarity
Heat treatment is often used to refine gemstones, cracks and cavities are filleing with glass and polymers, which makes them dead and not having any power. Therefore, it is impossible to buy astrological stones in ordinary jewelry stores
Are used stones with the greatest power - only precious
They are alive and have a power because they have not been heat treated
Passed the test in the laboratory and have a certificate of quality with hologram print
Professional astrologer:
Certified specialist of the International Association of Vedic Astrologers at the University of New Delhi
Improperly selected stones can have undesirable effects, as they have tremendous energy. Therefore, an astrologer must have extensive knowledge and experience in the selection of gemstones
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  • Will identify the planets thouse to be corrected
  • Will pick up the stones suitable for you
  • Will help make jewelry for stones
  • Will give recommendations on the wearing of gemstones
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