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21 Maha Doshas and other parameters used for the analysis of Muhurta

24 Jul 2017
  • On the chart in the list of the divisional charts included the Moon and Sun charts, also they are added to the list, available in saving of charts in PNG.
  • Planet and sign aspects now also displayed when you hover to the zodiac sign on the chart (painted in orange).
  • The coordinates now displayed by default with the letter value (N S E W), and when editing the longitude/latitude fields, the data is output in a fractional value, adding the "-" sign first if it is south latitude or west longitude.
  • To replace the «Arrow-link» near the initial birth data, that referred to the chart in the «Charts» tab, added a button that allows you to edit birth data, including gender and rating, in a pop-up window. In this window there is also a link - Go to editing in the «Charts» section (for cases of changing description, notes and tags).
  • The table in the «General» tab has been changed: «Gandanta» and «Pushkara» are now displayed in the «Degrees» column, and «Marana Karaka Sthana» and «Dig Bala» in the «House» column as "!". «Gandanta» and «Marana Karaka Sthana» in red, and «Pushkara» (Pushkara Navamsa, Pushkara Bhaga) and «Dig Bala» in green. The column «AB» (Ashtakavarga Bala) is replaced to «Bindu», which now also shows the bindu in Sarvashtaka in the sign occupied by the planet.
  • Ashtakavarga is reduced in size and moved to the «General» tab under the data table.
  • In the «Periods» tab to the events table is added the arrow-button, which allows to show/hide all events.
  • The «Muhurta» tab was deleted, some calculations have been moved to the «Other» tab: Sunrise, Vara, Tithi, Karana, Yoga and Hora.
  • The «Sahams» tab was deleted, the page «Transit» was completely modified and divided into sections «Varshaphala» and «Calendar».
  • The functionality of the «Varshaphala» section is somewhat extended: now the age of the person is shown in addition to the selected year, and also the periods of Vimshottari, Yogini and Chara dasha Jaimini K.N. Rao are calculated at the moment time (time changes when the period is selected in the Muddha dasha). Also in this section are calculated Sahams, Ashtakavarga and there is the possibility of saving the chart in PNG (Mudda dasha is included).
  • In the «Settings» was added the option « Don`t show arudhas on the chart», as well as the methods of calculating the «Muhurta» parameter: as a part of the Vara (division of day and night into 15 parts) or part of the Tithi (division of the Tithi into 30 parts).
  • In the «Structure» section, charts are now sorted more conveniently (in order, without double-column leaps).
  • Updated the information about 12 houses of the horoscope, which appears in the pop-up window by clicking on the house number on the chart.

Section «Calendar»:

  • Building a chart with getting general information about planets: «Degrees», «Sign», «House», «Nakshatra», «Relationship», «Bindu», «Kakshya», «Combustion» and «Mrityu Bhaga».
  • Getting the information when overlay of a transit chart on the natal, including the periods of Vimshottari, Yogini and Chara dasha Jaimini K.N. Rao at the moment time.
  • The ability to export the chart in astro-program format, save it to PNG or share a WEB link to the chart.
  • The ability to calculate Ashtakavarga and Doshas, which includes 21 Maha Dosha with a detailed description and indication of its presence/absence, as well as a combinations of neutralization of unfavorable Doshas.
  • Calculation of the parameters used to select Muhurta: «Sunrise», «Sunset», «Brahma Muhurta», «Abhijit Muhurta», «Rahu Kala», «Gulika Kala», «Yamagandam», «Ayana», «Ritu», «Masa», «Panchaka», «Tara Bala», for the following parameters also calculate the period: «Vara», «Tithi», «Karana», «Yoga», «Nakshatra», «Sign» (Chandra Bala), «Ascendant», «Navamsa», «Hora», «Choghadiya», «Muhurta», «Nadika» and «Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra yogas». In addition, each value is highlighted in green/red/ gray depending on the favorability, when you hover over which, if there is a description, the corresponding text appears, and when you click on periods you can scroll back and forth (also you can change +- minutes, hours, days and months).
  • The calculation of the periods for each planet during which it is in one or another sign, as well as the periods during which it is in direct or retrograde motion, by clicking on which one can also scroll the values back and forth.
  • Building a calendar for the selected year and month: «Sunrise», «Sunset», «Brahma Muhurta», «Abhidjit Muhurta», «Rahu Kala», «Gulika Kala», «Yamagandam», for the following parameters also calculate the period time: «Tithi», «Karana», «Yoga», «Nakshatra» (Tara Bala) and «Sign» (Chandra Bala). By clicking on any time you can build a chart. In addition, for the calendar is available a data filter by categories «Vara», «Tithi», «Karana», «Yoga» and «Nakshatra», also here you can choose to satisfy the conditions from each marked category or any of the conditions. In the calendar itself, you can select the day that the chart will be build, and also have a «Today» button for convenience.