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Update of the system "Bhava Chalita and premium subscription for 24 months"

22 Jul 2019
  • When working with the "Charts" and "Research" sections, there were delays when a lot of charts were displayed on the screen, especially on mobile devices. This problem is eliminated, now the charts are loaded gradually, 200 pieces each, which does not create an extra load. Well, do not forget to use the search if you need a specific chart!
  • In the "Charts" section for the chart search mode with incorrect data, a filter has appeared that allows you to hide charts for which no time zone has been defined. Everyone knows that the site has functionality that allows you to check your entire base of charts for correct time zones?
  • Changed the display of the standard chart view and associated data when saved to PNG. Now the screenshots will look even more harmonious. Do you remember that there is a special convenient functionality for creating screenshots, or continue to do them by pressing the "PrtScr" key?
  • In the pop-up window "When the ascendant changes" there is additional information that shows the time of the change of the ascendant for the whole day (you can select the previous, current or next day). The time for each sign is displayed with an error of 1 minute, but by clicking on the time, the ascendant is calculated to a second. Now it's even more convenient to change the time!
  • In the "Settings" added the "South style" item, where you can specify whether or not to display signs and houses in the chart itself.
  • The calculation of the Bhava Chalita chart ("Bhava" tab) has been implemented. The tab displays the chart itself, where for convenience, house cusps are shown in red, as well as table information on houses: house number, cusp, start and end of the house (sign + degrees), the length of the house and the planets in it. In the "Bhava Chalita" chart only the houses of the planets change, not the signs, because for convenience in the chart for the planets I display the degrees from the start of the house, not the sign. This helps to understand whether the planet is on the border of the house (also in help the "Size" column). So do not be alarmed if you see the planet's degree of 30 and above. The appropriate settings have been added to the "Settings", the Campanus house system is used by default, and the house cusps are counted from the middle of the house.
  • Payment for a premium subscription for 24 months (2 years) has become available. As usual, the higher the term - the greater the discount, the price is 80 dollars. The astroproject “VedicHoro” has more and more regular users, because I think this will be a pleasant opportunity. Many professional astrologers highly value my program, and this is good news!