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Narayana Dasha and improved chart saving functionality in PNG

20 Feb 2019

1. Now, by clicking on the house/sign of chart, besides the aspects and the argalas, the item "1st house" has become available, which allows you to put the 1st house where you need it. First of all, this, of course, is very convenient for chart in the north style; for the south one, only the numbering of houses will change. This functionality can be useful as in the analysis of Prashna, as in the interpretation of Dasha, and for many other cases.

2. The functionality of saving charts in PNG has become even more flexible and convenient. If someone does not know, instead of creating screenshots of the chart using the "Print Screen", on the menu bar you can select "Chart" -> "Save as PNG". Previously, the general information for saving was fixed, then the category "General" is now available, where you can choose from "Degrees", "Sign", "Nakshatra", "Relationship", "House", "Karaka", "Shad Bala". Also added the "Upagrahas" item and the "Remember settings" option appeared in case you use the same data selection options for saving. This functionality is useful if you want to print a chart and its associated data (you can choose a black and white look), or even to insert into your book. And it is especially convenient if you conduct training where screenshots of maps are required.

3. Realized Narayana Dasha - available only for a paid subscription in the list where Chara Dasha (K.N. Rao), for her you can choose any divisional chart. Also, for added events and in the tabs "Varshaphala", "Muhurta" and "Transits", 4 dashes are now displayed, including Narayana dasha, up to Pratyantardasha. The item "Exaltation sign of Rahu/Ketu for Arudhas and Rasi dashas" is added to the settings - Taurus/Scorpio (by default) or Gemini/Sagittarius. The JH (Jagannatha Hora) program has a similar item in the settings - "Nodal Exaltation & Debilitation Sign Options", where by default there are other parameters, keep in mind.

I also wanted to say a few words about the calculations of Narayan dasha. A lot of rules and exceptions are used to build it, and not all authors agreed with one another, and for the last 2 weeks I tried to come to the truth, so to speak (at one point I simply did not want to add it because of a lot of contradictory data). Special thanks to Oleg Tolmachov, without his help, I would not have figured it all out! In the first place, as usual, it was based on the JH program, but it didn’t work out. I reread the book of Narasimha Rao "Vedic Astrology: An Integrated Approach", and the Jaimini Sutras, translated by Ernst Wilhelm and Sanjay Rath, and the article by Sarajit Poddar (according to the text refers to Sanjay Rath) and Chandramukha Das (Sri Jagannath Center).

And at one point I came to the conclusion that JH incorrectly calculates Narayana dasha, I did not find another explanation, but I found dozens of proofs of my theory. To determine the sign lord for Scorpio, it is necessary to determine the strongest between Mars and Ketu, and for Aquarius between Saturn and Rahu, this is what JH does right. But in determining a stronger sign at the stage when it is necessary to calculate the number of influences from Jupiter, Mercury and its lord, JH takes the wrong lord for Scorpio and Aquarius. It takes the opposite: if it is Mars, then it takes Ketu, and if it is Ketu, then it takes Mars, similarly for Aquarius. And on the next steps is taken the correct lord. So keep this in mind when finding a difference with JH, I already wrote about this to Narasimha Rao, while waiting for an answer.

I also compared the calculations with PL (Parashara's Light), and found one difference there with the same settings. This error, as in JH, is not there, however, when determining the order of calculation of dasha, there is an exception when Saturn or Ketu is located in the dasha of beginning sign. So if both of these planets are located in the sign of the beginning of dasha, PL always takes into account only Saturn, and this is very similar to a mistake, when JH chooses the strongest between Saturn and Ketu based on degrees (who went further by the sign) - so I realized and on my site.

In different astrological programs, you can also find different calculations, because sometimes there is more than one opinion about certain things, and I add all the most necessary and important points to "Settings". But on the other hand, no one is immune from errors, the human factor has not been canceled, so if you meet something suspicious on my site, immediately inform me about it!