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17 Mar 2017
  • You can see the English version of the site (all is translated except the texts of interpretations). Some elements of the site were renamed in Russian and the functionality «Compatibility» was revised - now when any condition or exception is fulfilled, it is marked with "+" and put in bold (instead of the detailed text with the results).
  • Now on the page «Features», you can see all system updates, divided into dates. In addition, a size of the elements of the menu has been reduced a little and a data block with the date of the last system update has been added. If you click it you can see all innovations.
  • In the section «Charts» in «Tags editor» you will see the additional opportunity to import tags, which a client can choose on the page manually. After he will send you the final file for further import (takes no more than 10 minutes). Additionally, you can also ask the client the dates you are interested in. Such opportunity is useful for creation and maintenance of the own database of astrological charts.