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16 Tajaka Yogas for the analysis of Varshaphala and Prashna

16 Aug 2017
  • The calculation of all 16 Tajaka Yogas used in Varshaphala and Prashna (a new tab «Prashna» is added). In the «Settings» added a parameter for calculating yogas: «To consider the half-sum of the orbs of both planets» or «To consider the orb of each planet separately».
  • In the general information for each planet now is calculated Tara Bala (a new column «TB»).
  • In the «Other» tab, have been added the following parameters: «Yoga Sphuta» (Yogi), «Avayoga Sphuta» (Avayoga), «Sahayogi» and «Bhrigu Bindu». In addition, the effect of the planets on the Bhrigu Bindu is now displayed in the popup window of the overlay of a transit chart on the natal.