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Shad Bala, strength of aspects on the planets and houses

15 Sep 2018
  • Now for the unauthorized, as well as for new registered users, the following default settings are specified: Ayanamsa - "Traditional Lahiri" instead of "True Lahiri / Chitrapaksha", and Ashtakavarga - "Varahamihira" instead of "Parasara";
  • The time for the sunrise began to be calculated even more accurately, and in "Settings" to the "Muhurta" tab, the options of these calculations were added : "The center of Sun’s disk" (default), "The center of Sun’s disk (ignore refraction)", "The upper edge of Sun’s disk" or "The upper edge of Sun’s disk (ignore refraction)";
  • Now when searching for Muhurta, according to the month of the beginning of the search, the table for the month is recalculated;
  • For the lunar month (Masa), Nakshatra is now additionally displayed, on which the full moon falls, as well as its ruler. This information will be colored green/orange/red, depending on the favorable nature of the Nakshatra for a particular event. The lord is as important for the lunar month as the Panchanga lords are important for the Panchanga factors themselves;
  • The Mrityu Bhaga is now calculated for all divisional charts, including this information will be displayed if you select "All charts" in the "General" tab;
  • The column "Avastha" now displays Sanskrit names, and when you hover the cursor you can see the value that was earlier;
  • The column "NB" (Natural beneficence) is removed from the general information about the planets;
  • The columns "Bindu" and "Kakshya" are removed from the general information about the planets in the"Muhurta" and "Transits" tabs. Now this information is displayed in the table of the overlaying of the transit chart to the natal one, as a result, it became even more convenient to analyze the transits;
  • At the request of many astrologers, in the general information about the planets, "Shad Bala" is now calculated in numerical and percentage values. Also this item is added to the chart save window in PNG;
  • In the "Main" tab an additional "Bala" tab has been added, where you can see in detail all the details of "Shad Bala", "Ishta Bala" and "Kashta Bala". Also here, the calculation of the strength of aspects on the planets and houses is realized. All this information is available for the other tabs ("Varshaphala", "Muhurta" and "Transits") by clicking on "Bala" in the table of general information. They will be displayed in a pop-up window that you can move around the screen, which allows you to analyze the chart in parallel;
  • On the "Research" page the search criterion "Shad Bala/Shad Bala (%)" is added: you can search both the final "Shad Bala" and the component parts ("Sthana Bala", "Dig Bala", "Kala Bala", "Cheshta Bala" and "Drik Bala").