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Basic features

All features

  • Automatic calculation of time zones and coordinates
  • Divisional charts, Arudhas, Shad Bala, Ashtakavarga
  • Display planets degrees, aspects and argalas in the chart

  • Export to: Jagannatha Hora, Parashara`s Light, Grahas
  • Save a chart and related information as PNG
  • Share a link to the chart

  • Combustion, Gandanta, Ashtamamsa, Mrityu Bhaga,
    Pushkara Bhaga, Pushkara Navamsa, Sarpa Drekkana,
    Special Lagnas, Upagrahas, Sphutas, Bhrigu Bindu,
    Badhaka, 22nd Drekkana, 64th Navamsa, Sahayogi ...

  • Chart style (South/North), Chara Karakas (7/8),
    Arudhas (without exceptions/with exceptions), Ayanamsa,
    Lunar nodes (true/mean), calculation methods of
    divisional charts, sunrise, Upagrahas and Tajaka Yogas ...

Paid features


  • All the key parameters for analysis of the annual chart,
    calculation for a year and a month with age display
  • Sahams, Tajaka Yogas, Muntha, Varshesha, Mudda Dasha,
    Dwadasa Vargiya Bala, Pancha Vargiya Bala, Harsha Bala

  • Ashtakuta and additional Kutas with all
    exceptions and detailed description of each Kuta
  • Overlaying of charts: mutual position of planets, overlay
    of planets on the partner’s houses, Ashtakavarga

  • All the key parameters for the analysis of Muhurta,
    Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra Yogas, Panchanga for a month
  • Search of Muhurta using hundreds factors and event (60+),
    doing over 95% of work for an astrologer

  • Current transits and for the selected year: direction,
    sign, house from the natal planet, vedha, bindu, kakshya
  • Overlaying of transit planets on the natal chart,
    search of personal and global transits, Sade Sati

  • Over 200 combinations of forming yogas, including
    Solar, Lunar, Mahapurusha, Nabhasa and other yogas
    (Raja, Dhana, Parivarthana, Neecha Bhanga, etc)
  • 16 Tajaka Yogas for Prashna

  • Chart storage structure with the ability to create sections
    like on a computer, client base, changing of birth data,
    adding notes, events/tags (over 500)
  • Import from: Jagannatha Hora, Parashara`s Light, Grahas


9 Years
Age of the site
125.000+ People
650.000+ Charts
Stored in database
30.000+ Charts/Day
Is calculated


Best service, very comfortable and functional. Recommended to our students. It combines the possibilities of the best programs, and Parashara, and Jagannatha, and Kala. We wish Vyacheslav prosperity and development of this project!

Vyacheslav! Every day I admire your genius more and more! You create the coolest, most convenient and most professional program on Vedic astrology! You are a mega-expert, mega-scientist, mega-explorer, mega-programmer! And the paid version is just a bomb! I recommend my students the VedicHoro!

I use it for about one and a half years and every time, with each update, I am pleased more and more. She is so thought out to the smallest detail and nuances, which leads to complete delight! For me, VedicHoro became a guide and a kind of teacher. I learned a lot only thanks to this system!

I used it almost from the moment of foundation and I see how it is becoming more and more professional. Now it is the most convenient program in Vedic astrology: maintaining a database of charts, analyse the transits of the planets, calculate Muhurta and much more. One feels that Vyacheslav is living own project.

The ideal program! From her start and did not want to go to any other one! Everything is perfect, convenient to work from the tablet. The calculations are accurate (I checked), and the paid version generally solved all my problems! Every day I use, enjoy and help people thanks to this program.

100% the best service for Jyotish astrology, for both amateur and professional! I have been using the paid version for 8 months now and I do not cease to admire how everything is conveniently and sensibly done! In addition, there is technical support from Vyacheslav, on any questions he answers promptly and carefully.