Narayana Dasha and improved chart saving functionality in PNG

20 Feb 2019
Now, by clicking on the house/sign of chart, besides the aspects and the argalas, the item "1st house" has become available, which allows you to put the 1st house where you need it. The functionality of saving charts in PNG has become even more flexible and convenient, and also implemented Narayana Dasha, for which you can choose any divisional chart.

Special Lagnas and Upagrahas

01 Feb 2019
Recently, many people asked me about Upagrahas, and I decided to somewhat shift my priorities, having implemented on the website the calculation of all 11 Upagrahas. Their position completely coincides with the program Jagannatha Hora: by default, Gulika is calculated as the beginning of the part of Saturn, Mandi as the middle of the part of Saturn, and Kala, Mrityu, Ardhaprahara and Yamagantaka as the middle of the part of the corresponding planet. It is just so many authoritative sources recommend that Upagrahas be counted, but I also calculated them in the Settings, since there are different opinions on this matter.

Calculation of Sade Sati and recommendations for its analysis

01 Jan 2019
Many astrologers asked me to add a calculation of Sade Sati to the site, but I wrote to each of them that I was not inclined to give undue importance to this period, and would not like to allocate a separate functionality for it. However, the reality is that many people still continue to devote important attention to the Sade Sati period, so I decided to include it in the calculations in the "Transits" tab (calculation is made for 120 years from the moment of birth). Where, next to the search button, I added an icon of the "?" sign, by clicking on which you can get comprehensive recommendations on its analysis.

Correctness of coordinates and time zones

24 Dec 2018
What do you think is most important for accurate chart analysis, for correct predictions? Professionalism, great experience, good teacher? - No, none of this will help when considering a horoscope, if it is builded incorrectly! Learning how to correctly calculate the natal chart is one of the main tasks, especially, to determine the time zone.

Automatic calculation of time zones

14 Dec 2018
Realized automatic calculation of time zones for all localities that are in the database (about 8500), since about 1915 (depends on the city). With time the list of cities will expand!

Shad Bala, strength of aspects on the planets and houses

15 Sep 2018
At the request of many astrologers, in the general information about the planets, "Shad Bala" is now calculated in numerical and percentage values. In the "Main" tab an additional "Bala" tab has been added, where you can see in detail all the details of "Shad Bala", "Ishta Bala" and "Kashta Bala". Also here, the calculation of the strength of aspects on the planets and houses is realized.

Redesign of the site, search of Muhurta by events, Panchanga for a month, Transits for a year

28 Jun 2018
Global update of the system, which affected the entire functionality of the site. The design has been changed, it is now easier for site visitors to understand and evaluate the functionality of the system, also the menu in the analysis of the charts has improved noticeably. Instead of the «Calendar» section, there are now two fully functional sections - «Muhurta» and «Transits». The «Muhurta» section allows you to analyze the time moment by 100 parameters (for each of them you can specify a points), search of Muhurta by event (over 60 titles) in the specified time interval, also Panchanga is calculated for the selected month. The section «Transit» allows you to overlay a transit chart on the natal, to calculate the transit of planets for a year (direction, occupied sign, home from the natal planet, vedha, bindu), also there is a search of personal and global transits. In addition, the sections «Structure» and «Charts» for convenience were combined into one.

Improved section «Research»

06 Nov 2017
Astrological research and the search of regularities were the original goal of the project, so the site acquired the slogan and became known as the "Vedic horoscope online «Find the regularity»". The section «Search» was renamed into «Research», added to the main menu of the site and became free. Thanks to the site https://www.astro.com/astro-databank, the number of Astro-Databank charts has been increased from 25000 to 51000 charts, with the addition of events, tags and a link to Wikipedia (for English version of the site - to the English version, for the Russian version - to Russian), in addition, the base of charts will grow daily and maintained up-to-date.

16 Tajaka Yogas for the analysis of Varshaphala and Prashna

16 Aug 2017
The calculation of all 16 Tajaka Yogas used in Varshaphala and Prashna (a new tab «Prashna» is added). In the «Settings» added a parameter for calculating yogas: «To consider the half-sum of the orbs of both planets» or «To consider the orb of each planet separately». In the general information for each planet now is calculated Tara Bala (a new column «TB»).

21 Maha Doshas and other parameters used for the analysis of Muhurta

24 Jul 2017
On the chart in the list of the divisional charts included the Moon and Sun charts, updated the information about 12 houses of the horoscope, which appears in the pop-up window by clicking on the house number on the chart. Instead of the «Transit» page, there are now two sections - «Varshaphala» and «Calendar». The main changes were added to the «Calendar» section: calculation of 21 Maha Dosha with a detailed description and indication of its presence/absence, as well as a combinations of neutralization of unfavorable Doshas. In addition, other main parameters used for the analysis of Muhurta are realized, for which the period of action is also calculated: «Panchanga», «Hora», «Choghadiya», «Muhurta», «Nadika», «Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra Yogas» and others.

English version of the site - vedic-horo.com

17 Mar 2017
English version of the site - vedic-horo.com (all is translated except the texts of interpretations). Now on the page «Features», you can see all system updates, divided into dates. In the section «Charts» in «Tags editor» you will see the additional opportunity to import tags, which a client can choose on the page vedic-horo.com/tags.php manually. After he will send you the file for further import (takes no more than 10 min).

Chart display in two styles (south and north) in parallel

25 Jan 2017
The chart style (South/North) can now be set for each chart separately. This is especially useful when you are training. In the «Transit Overlay» tab, an additional is displayed «Bindu in Ashtakavarga» for each planet. Compatibility can now be calculated not only by the Moon, but also by the Ascendant, Sun, Mars and other planets.