VEDIC-HORO. Vedic horoscope online

Features of the system «Vedic horoscope online»


Calculation and visualization options:

- South or north style of a chart (parallel showing of two styles)

- Standard or star look

- Arudhas without exceptions or with exceptions, an opportunity to take into account Rahu / Ketu when stronger

- 7 or 8 Chara Karakas

- True or mean lunar nodes

- Ashtakavarga according to Parasara or Varahamihira

- Entering the length of the year and what planet will be a start to count for the period systems

- Entering your location

- Entering Ayanamsa and its correction (+ - degrees, minutes, seconds): True Lahiri / Chitrapaksha, Traditional Lahiri, Pushya-paksha, Raman, Krishnamurti (KP), Usha-Shashi, Yukteshwar, J.N. Bhasin, True Mula (Chandra Hari), Fagan / Bradley, De Luce, Djwhal Khul, Aldebaran (15Ta), Galactic center (0Sg), Hipparchos, Sassanian, Dhruva Galactic Center (Middle Mula), Tropical


Texts of interpretations:

- Detailed information about each planet, sign, house and nakshatra

- Position of the planets in the sign and house as well as position of the Lords in the houses

- Opportunity to download interpretations in PDF


Divisional charts:

Some divisional charts have methods of calculation. General information of the planets, special Lagnas, yogas and Ashtakavarga can be calculated for the selected divisional chart

- Rasi, D1

- Hora, D2: Parasara Hora (Cn-Le), Kashinatha Hora (SJC), Parivritti-dwaya Hora (bi-cyclical), Samasaptaka Hora (1st & 7th), Mandooka Hora (1st & 3rd), Labha Mandooka Hora (1st & 11th)

- Drekkana, D3: Parasara Drekkana, Parivritti-traya Drekkana (tri-cyclical), Somanatha Drekkana (hybrid-cyclical), Jagannatha Drekkana (trines from movable signs)

- Chaturthamsa, D4: Parasara Chaturthamsa, Parivritti Chaturthamsa (cyclical, H-4)

- Panchamsa, D5: Parasara Panchamsa, Parivritti Panchamsa (cyclical, H-5)

- Shashtamsa, D6

- Saptamsa, D7

- Ashtamsa, D8

- Navamsa, D9: Parasara Navamsa, Krishna Mishra Navamsa

- Dasamsa, D10

- Rudramsa, D11

- Dwadasamsa, D12

- Shodasamsa, D16

- Vimsamsa, D20

- Siddhamsa, D24

- Nakshatramsa, D27

- Trimsamsa, D30

- Khavedamsa, D40

- Akshavedamsa, D45

- Shashtyamsa, D60


Calculation of general information about the planets:

- Degrees (up to seconds)

- Zodiac sign

- House

- Nakshatra (pada, Lord)

- Relationship

- Functional beneficence

- Chara Karaka

- Combustion

- Mrityu Bhaga

- Gandanta

- Planetary War

- Marana Karaka Sthana

- Dig Bala

- Pushkara Navamsa and Pushkara Bhaga

- Avastha


Calculation of special Lagnas:

- Bhava Lagna

- Hora Lagna

- Ghati Lagna

- Sree Lagna

- Varnada Lagna

- Paka Lagna

- Karakamsa Lagna


Additional calculations:

- Beeja Sphuta

- Kshetra Sphuta

- Badhaka (Badhakesh)

- 22nd Drekkana (from Ascendant and Moon)

- 64th Navamsa (from Ascendant and Moon)

- Sahamas

- Arudha of houses


Calculation, influenced on each house:

- Planetary aspects

- Sign aspects

- Primary Argala / Virodha Argala

- Secondary Argala / Virodha Argala

- Vipreet Argala


Calculation of the yogas (over 200 combinations of forming yogas):

- Solar yogas

- Lunar yogas

- Mahapurusha yogas

- Nabhasa yogas

- Other yogas (Raja, Dhana, Parivarthana, Neecha Bhanga and etc.)



- Sarvashtaka varga

- Ashtakavarga of Ascendant

- Ashtakavarga of Sun

- Ashtakavarga of Moon

- Ashtakavarga of Mars

- Ashtakavarga of Mercury

- Ashtakavarga of Jupiter

- Ashtakavarga of Venus

- Ashtakavarga of Saturn


Calculations, related to Muhurta:

- Sunrise

- Sunset

- Brahma Muhurta

- Abhijit Muhurta

- Gulika Kala

- Rahu Kala

- Yamagandam

- Lunar day (Tithi)

- Day of the week (including sunrise)

- Nitya Yoga

- Karana

- Hora Lord


Calculation of cumulative information:

- Position of the planets in the sign of all divisional charts

- Relationship of the planets in all divisional charts

- Natural relationships of the planets

- Temporary relationships of the planets

- Compound relationships of the planets


Calculation of the periods:

- Vimshottari dasha (up to Prana dasha)

- Yogini dasha (up to Prana dasha)

- Jaimini’s Chara dasha by K.N. Rao (up to Sukshma dasha)

- Showing age, date and time of the start and end of the periods

- Showing the current and selected period

- Showing description (biographical data) and astrological notes of the chart

- Showing events and marks with Vimshottari, Yogini and Chara dasha (initial and current) at the time of the event and opportunity to build a transit chart at the time of the event


Rectification by divisional charts:

- Calculates the time of change of ascendants within 60 minutes in the selected divisional charts

- Opportunity to build a chart for the received time without reloading the page


Rectification by tattvas:

- Calculates the possible birth time within 3 hours according to the Nadi method, described by S.Rao

- Opportunity to build a chart for the received time without reloading the page


Calculation of astrological compatibility:

- Choice of a chart for compatibility from the base of personal charts

- Building of an astrological chart of the partner

- Calculation not only by the Moon, but also by Ascendant, Sun, Mars and other planets

- Calculation of Ashtakuta taking into account all exceptions and detailed description of each kuta: Varna, Vasya, Dina (Tara), Yoni, Graha Maitram, Gana, Rasi and Nadi

- Calculation of additional kutas taking into account all exceptions and detailed description of each kuta: Mahendra, Rajja, Vedha, Gotra, Vihangam, Bhuta and Stri Dirgha

- Calculation of auxiliary information: Kuja Dosha from As/Mo/Ve, bindu in 7th house and etc. for both partners


Changing the time of birt (without reloading the page): +- seconds, minutes, hours


Calculation of time, when the ascendant changes:

- Showing the time change of ascendant for the previous and next signs

- Opportunity to change the ascendant for the chosen time without reloading the page


Calculation of a transit chart:

- Opportunity to set the coordinates and time

- Opportunity to choose the date: + - seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years

- Opportunity to build a chart with specified data in a new tab


Overlaying a transit chart on natal:

- Position of a transit planet from natal, considering from Ascendant and Moon in the charts of Rasi and Navamsa with Vedha

- Showing bindu in Ashtakavarga as well as degrees up to exact conjunction / aspects for each of the planets


Calculation of the annual chart (Varshaphala):

- Building of a chart for the year and month

- Calculation of Harsha bala, Pancha Vargiya bala, Dwadasa Vargiya bala, Muntha, Varshesha and temporal relations of the planets

- Calculation of Mudda dasha (up to Sukshma dasha) showing the age, date and time of the start and end of the periods


Saving information in PNG:

- Showing the name in the chart and opportunity to hide the birth date

- Saving one or more divisional charts, at option

- Choosing the chart style: South, North, South + North

- Choosing the look: star, yellow, black and white

- Saving brief information (for each divisional chart or only Rasi), yogas, Ashtakavarga, events / tags and selected dasha


Opportunity to share Web-link to the chart:

- A short link for access to the chart is formed for all saved charts, for example:

- Full link with opportunity to change / hide the name


Work with the base of astrological charts:

- Opportunity to form a tree data structure with any level of nesting of the sections

- Opportunity to show a position for the sections to change their input order

- Transferring the selected charts from one section to another

- Saving charts in the system manually or importing them from the files of the programs Jagannatha Hora, Parashara`s Light or Grahas (no more than 100 files for one download)

- Export of charts in the programs Jagannatha Hora, Parashara's Light or Grahas

- Export of description, notes and events / tags in “htm” format to one file or separate ones

- Simultaneous filter data in events / tags, name, sex and rating

- Editing the birth data and other data

- Text editor for storing description (biographical data) and astrological notes

- Opportunity to add events / tags from the list (over 400) with date and comment


Calculation of statistics in the selected divisional chart:

- How many times each planet is in each house

- How many times each planet is in each sign

- How many times each planet is in each Karaka

- How many times each planet is in each Nakshatra

- How many times each planet has each relationship

- How many times each planet is in conjunction with another planet


Search of charts:

- Opportunity to search charts according to the selected astrological combinations using the base of personal charts and Astro-Databank base (over 25000 charts with a link to biography)

- Search by planets (cluster of planets), Chara Karakas, Lords and Arudha of houses

- Search conditions: position in the house, sign, Nakshatra (pada), in conjunction with the planet, Chara Karaka, Lord and Arudha of the house; as Chara Karaka; bindu in Ashtakavarga of planets and Sarvashtaka Varga; search of yogas; search of positions (exaltation, combustion, gandanta …) and others

- Opportunity to select a divisional chart for each condition

- Opportunity to select a start from: selected planet, Lord of the house, Chara Karaka or Arudha

- Auxiliary search criterion: sex, rating, events / tags, fulfillment of all / one of the conditions