Vedic horoscope online
«Find the regularity»

Features of the system «Vedic horoscope online»


Calculation and visualization options:

- South or north style of a chart (parallel showing of two styles)

- Standard or star look

- Arudhas without exceptions or with exceptions, an opportunity to take into account Rahu / Ketu when stronger and don`t show arudhas on the chart

- 7 or 8 Chara Karakas

- True or mean lunar nodes

- Ashtakavarga according to Parasara or Varahamihira

- Entering the length of the year and what planet will be a start to count for the period systems

- Tajaka Yogas: to consider the half-sum of the orbs of both planets or the orb of each planet separately

- Muhurta as a part of the Vara (division of day and night into 15 parts) or part of the Tithi (division of the Tithi into 30 parts)

- Entering your location

- Entering Ayanamsa and its correction (+ - degrees, minutes, seconds): True Lahiri / Chitrapaksha, Traditional Lahiri, Pushya-paksha, Raman, Krishnamurti (KP), Usha-Shashi, Yukteshwar, J.N. Bhasin, True Mula (Chandra Hari), Fagan / Bradley, De Luce, Djwhal Khul, Aldebaran (15Ta), Galactic center (0Sg), Hipparchos, Sassanian, Dhruva Galactic Center (Middle Mula), Tropical


Texts of interpretations:

- Detailed information about each planet, sign, house and nakshatra

- Position of the planets in the sign and house as well as position of the Lords in the houses

- Opportunity to download interpretations in PDF


Divisional charts:

Some divisional charts have methods of calculation. General information of the planets, special Lagnas, yogas and Ashtakavarga can be calculated for the selected divisional chart

- Rasi, D1

- Hora, D2: Parasara Hora (Cn-Le), Kashinatha Hora (SJC), Parivritti-dwaya Hora (bi-cyclical), Samasaptaka Hora (1st & 7th), Mandooka Hora (1st & 3rd), Labha Mandooka Hora (1st & 11th)

- Drekkana, D3: Parasara Drekkana, Parivritti-traya Drekkana (tri-cyclical), Somanatha Drekkana (hybrid-cyclical), Jagannatha Drekkana (trines from movable signs)

- Chaturthamsa, D4: Parasara Chaturthamsa, Parivritti Chaturthamsa (cyclical, H-4)

- Panchamsa, D5: Parasara Panchamsa, Parivritti Panchamsa (cyclical, H-5)

- Shashtamsa, D6

- Saptamsa, D7

- Ashtamsa, D8

- Navamsa, D9: Parasara Navamsa, Krishna Mishra Navamsa

- Dasamsa, D10

- Rudramsa, D11

- Dwadasamsa, D12

- Shodasamsa, D16

- Vimsamsa, D20

- Siddhamsa, D24

- Nakshatramsa, D27

- Trimsamsa, D30

- Khavedamsa, D40

- Akshavedamsa, D45

- Shashtyamsa, D60

- In addition, Moon and Sun chart are available


Calculation of general information about the planets:

- Degrees (up to seconds)

- Zodiac sign

- House

- Nakshatra (pada, Lord)

- Relationship

- Functional beneficence

- Karaka

- Tara Bala

- Bindu

- Combustion

- Mrityu Bhaga

- Gandanta

- Planetary War

- Marana Karaka Sthana

- Dig Bala

- Pushkara Navamsa and Pushkara Bhaga

- Avastha


Calculation of special Lagnas:

- Bhava Lagna

- Hora Lagna

- Ghati Lagna

- Sree Lagna

- Varnada Lagna

- Paka Lagna

- Karakamsa Lagna


Additional calculations:

- Beeja Sphuta

- Kshetra Sphuta

- Yoga Sphuta

- Avayoga Sphuta

- Sahayogi

- Bhrigu Bindu

- Badhaka (Badhakesh)

- 22nd Drekkana (from Ascendant and Moon)

- 64th Navamsa (from Ascendant and Moon)

- Arudha of houses


Calculation, influenced on each house:

- Planetary aspects

- Sign aspects

- Primary Argala / Virodha Argala

- Secondary Argala / Virodha Argala

- Vipreet Argala


Calculation of the yogas (over 200 combinations of forming yogas):

- Solar yogas

- Lunar yogas

- Mahapurusha yogas

- Nabhasa yogas

- Other yogas (Raja, Dhana, Parivarthana, Neecha Bhanga and etc.)


Calculation of all 16 Tajaka Yogas:

1. Ikabala Yoga

2. Induvara Yoga

3. Ithasala Yoga (Muthasila Yoga, Bhavishya-ithasala Yoga)

4. Esarapha Yoga (Musaripha Yoga)

5. Nakta Yoga

6. Yamaya Yoga

7. Manayu Yoga

8. Kambula Yoga

9. Gairi-kambula Yoga

10. Khallasara Yoga

11. Rudda Yoga

12. Duhphali-kuttha Yoga

13. Dutthotha-davira Yoga

14. Tambira Yoga

15. Kuttha Yoga

16. Durapha Yoga



- Sarvashtaka varga

- Ashtakavarga of Ascendant

- Ashtakavarga of Sun

- Ashtakavarga of Moon

- Ashtakavarga of Mars

- Ashtakavarga of Mercury

- Ashtakavarga of Jupiter

- Ashtakavarga of Venus

- Ashtakavarga of Saturn


Calculation of summary information:

- Position of the planets in the sign of all divisional charts

- Relationship of the planets in all divisional charts

- Natural relationships of the planets

- Temporary relationships of the planets

- Compound relationships of the planets


Calculation of the periods:

- Vimshottari dasha (up to Prana dasha)

- Yogini dasha (up to Prana dasha)

- Jaimini’s Chara dasha by K.N. Rao (up to Sukshma dasha)

- Showing age, date and time of the start and end of the periods

- Showing the current and selected period

- Showing description (biographical data) and astrological notes of the chart

- Showing events and marks with Vimshottari, Yogini and Chara dasha (initial and current) at the time of the event and opportunity to build a transit chart at the time of the event


Rectification by divisional charts:

- Calculates the time of change of ascendants within 60 minutes in the selected divisional charts

- Opportunity to build a chart for the received time without reloading the page


Rectification by tattvas:

- Calculates the possible birth time within 3 hours according to the Nadi method, described by S.Rao

- Opportunity to build a chart for the received time without reloading the page


Calculation of astrological compatibility:

- Choice of a chart for compatibility from the base of personal charts

- Building of an astrological chart of the partner

- Calculation not only by the Moon, but also by Ascendant, Sun, Mars and other planets

- Calculation of Ashtakuta taking into account all exceptions and detailed description of each kuta: Varna, Vasya, Dina (Tara), Yoni, Graha Maitram, Gana, Rasi and Nadi

- Calculation of additional kutas taking into account all exceptions and detailed description of each kuta: Mahendra, Rajja, Vedha, Gotra, Vihangam, Bhuta and Stri Dirgha

- Calculation of auxiliary information: Kuja Dosha from As/Mo/Ve, bindu in 7th house and etc. for both partners


Changing the time of birt (without reloading the page): +- seconds, minutes, hours


Calculation of time, when the ascendant changes:

- Showing the time change of ascendant for the previous and next signs

- Opportunity to change the ascendant for the chosen time without reloading the page


Calculation of the annual chart (Varshaphala):

- Building of a chart for the year and month, indicating the current age

- Calculation of Sahams, Harsha bala, Pancha Vargiya bala, Dwadasa Vargiya bala, Muntha, Varshesha and all 16 Tajaka Yogas

- Calculation of Mudda dasha (up to Sukshma dasha) showing the age, date and time of the start and end of the periods

- Calculation of the periods of Vimshottari, Yogini and Chara dasha Jaimini K.N. Rao at the moment time


Calculation of a transit chart (Calendar):

- Building a chart with getting general information about planets:

- Degrees

- Sign

- House

- Nakshatra

- Relationship

- Tara Bala

- Bindu

- Kakshya

- Combustion

- Mrityu Bhaga

- Calculation of the parameters used to select Muhurta:

- Sunrise

- Sunset

- Brahma Muhurta

- Abhijit Muhurta

- Rahu Kala

- Gulika Kala

- Yamagandam

- Ayana

- Ritu

- Masa

- Panchaka

- Tara Bala

- Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra yogas

- For the following parameters also calculate the period :

- Vara

- Tithi

- Karana

- Yoga

- Nakshatra

- Sign (Chandra Bala)

- Ascendant

- Navamsa

- Hora

- Choghadiya

- Muhurta

- Nadika

- In addition, each value is highlighted in green / red / gray depending on the favorability, when you hover over which, if there is a description, the corresponding text appears, and when you click on periods you can scroll back and forth (also you can change +- minutes, hours, days and months)

- The calculation of the periods for each planet during which it is in one or another sign, as well as the periods during which it is in direct or retrograde motion, by clicking on which one can also scroll the values back and forth


Building a calendar for the selected year and month:

- Sunrise

- Sunset

- Brahma Muhurta

- Abhijit Muhurta

- Rahu Kala

- Gulika Kala

- Yamagandam

For the following parameters also calculate the period time:

- Tithi

- Karana

- Yoga

- Nakshatra (Tara Bala)

- Sign (Chandra Bala)

- By clicking on any time you can build a chart. In addition, for the calendar is available a data filter by categories "Vara", "Tithi", "Karana", "Yoga" and "Nakshatra", also here you can choose to satisfy the conditions from each marked category or any of the conditions


The overlay of a transit chart on the natal:

- Position of a transit planet from natal, considering from Ascendant and Moon in the charts of Rasi and Navamsa with Vedha

- Showing bindu in Ashtakavarga as well as degrees up to exact conjunction / aspects for each of the planets and Bhrigu Bindu

- Calculation of the periods of Vimshottari, Yogini and Chara dasha Jaimini K.N. Rao at the moment time


Calculation of 21 Maha Dosha:

1. Panchanga Suddhi - Deprivation of Panchanga Purity

2. Surya Sankranti - Transitional state of the Sun

3. Kartari Dosha - Scissors

4. Shashtashta Riphagatha Chandra Dosha - The Moon in the 6th, 8th or 12th house

5. Sagraha Chandra Dosha - The Moon with a Planet

6. Udayasta Suddhi - Deprivation of Lagna and 7th house Purity

7. Durmuhurta - Difficult Muhurta

8. Gandanthara - Ending Join

9. Papashadvarga - Malefic Shadvarga

10. Bhrigu Shataka - Venus in the 6th house

11. Kujasthama - Mars in the 8th house

12. Ashtama Lagna Dosha - Lagna in the 8th house of husband or wife

13. Rasi Visha Ghatika - Poison Periods of the Sign for the Lagna

14. Kunavamsa Dosha - Deficient Navamsa

15. Varadosha - Detrimental Day

16. Grahanothpatha Dosha - Eclipse

17. Ekargala Dosha - One Bolt

18. Krura Samyuta Dosha - Malefic Nakshatra

19. Akalagharjitha Vrishti Dosha - Evil Portent (not calculated)

20. Vyatipata - Calamity & 21. Vaidhriti - Separator (not calculated)

- A detailed description of each Dosha and indicating its presence/absence, as well as a combinations of neutralization of unfavorable Doshas


Saving information in PNG:

- Showing the name in the chart and opportunity to hide the birth date

- Saving one or more divisional charts, at option

- Choosing the chart style: South, North, South + North

- Choosing the look: star, yellow, black and white

- Saving brief information (for each divisional chart or only Rasi), yogas, Ashtakavarga, events / tags and selected dasha


Opportunity to share Web-link to the chart:

- A short link for access to the chart is formed for all saved charts, for example:

- Full link with opportunity to change / hide the name


Work with the base of astrological charts:

- Opportunity to form a tree data structure with any level of nesting of the sections

- Opportunity to show a position for the sections to change their input order

- Transferring the selected charts from one section to another

- Saving charts in the system manually or importing them from the files of the programs Jagannatha Hora, Parashara`s Light or Grahas (no more than 100 files for one download)

- Export of charts in the programs Jagannatha Hora, Parashara's Light or Grahas

- Export of description, notes and events / tags in “htm” format to one file or separate ones

- Simultaneous filter data in events / tags, name, sex and rating

- Editing the birth data and other data

- Text editor for storing description (biographical data) and astrological notes

- Opportunity to add events / tags from the list (over 500) with date and comment


Calculation of statistics in the selected divisional chart:

- How many times each planet is in each house

- How many times each planet is in each sign

- How many times each planet is in each Karaka

- How many times each planet is in each Nakshatra

- How many times each planet has each relationship

- How many times each planet is in conjunction with another planet



- Opportunity to search charts according to the selected astrological combinations using the base of personal charts and Astro-Databank base (≈51000 charts with a link to biography and Wikipedia, and events/tags)

- Search by planets (cluster of planets), Chara Karakas, Lords and Arudha of houses

- Search conditions: position in the house, sign, Nakshatra (pada), in conjunction with the planet, Chara Karaka, Lord and Arudha of the house; as Chara Karaka; bindu in Ashtakavarga of planets and Sarvashtaka Varga; search of yogas; search of positions (exaltation, combustion, gandanta and etc.) and others

- Opportunity to select a divisional chart for each condition

- Opportunity to select a start from: selected planet, Lord of the house, Chara Karaka or Arudha

- Auxiliary search criterion: fulfillment of all or one of the conditions, sex, Rodden Rating, presence of life events, presence of a link to Wikipedia, presence of added events/tags