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Redesign of the site, search of Muhurta by events, Panchanga for a month, Transits for a year

28 Jun 2018


  • The design of the site has been completely changed, it is now easier for site visitors to understand and evaluate the functionality of the system
  • Added a "Blog" section, where will be published all updates, as well as articles related to learning how to work in the system, there I will share the subtleties and features of the project
  • For security reasons, after the first failed login attempt, to the specified E-mail will be sent a corresponding notification
  • The data in the list of localities is now fully displayed according to the language of the site
  • Text font of interpretations changed to more readable
  • The site has become more mobile-friendly. If you are using the computer, you can hover the mouse cursor and see pop-up hints/descriptions, but on mobile devices it cannot be done. Now all "!" in the analysis of the chart have only one value, which is enough to remember once, the aspects can be shown by clicking on the cell of the chart, for Tajaka Yogas it was possible to display their names, on the "Research" page were removed all abbreviations, etc.
  • Removed the "Star" style of the chart, irretrievably. I put a lot of effort into creating it, but now I think that it should be removed so that the astrologer does not distract anything and the whole site was in one style
  • A button appears in the lower right corner of the screen now, allowing you to quickly jump to the top of the page, this is especially useful when working with the "Charts" and "Research" sections


  • The site menu has become more convenient, now the panel displays additionally actions for the chart: "Export", "Save as PNG" and "Share link", as well as chart information: Name, date, time, time zone and birth coordinates. In addition, here you can add a chart to your personal database or edit it, as well as view its rating or related events, description and notes
  • Changed the principle of building a chart in the north style, so that the charts in both styles became fully interactive, click on the cell now and you can display the available aspects or argala
  • The chart now displays the degrees of the planets, corresponding item was added to the "Settings". I consider the pleasant and convenient appearance the important component of the site, so in a chart cell without overlaying data on top of each other, up to 8 planets are placed
  • Changes in saving a chart as PNG: the black and white view is now applied not only to the chart, but for the other information, and is intended for printing (the color has become saturated), the chart information is now displayed separately and for both chart styles, also now you can save Tajaka Yogas
  • Jaimini`s Chara dasha by K.N. Rao has become publicly available
  • The "Other" and "Summary" tabs have been removed, the information has been moved to the "General" tab. The position of the planets in all divisional charts can be seen by selecting "All charts" in the divisional chart list
  • The "Moon chart" and "Sun chart" are added to the list of divisional charts, when they are chosen the house is changed (including Dig Bala and Marana Karaka Sthana) and house lords. This helps to visually evaluate general information and read the texts of interpretations
  • Column "Degrees". Green "!" - Pushkara Bhaga, the red "!" - Mrityu Bhaga (the column is removed). The calculations of Pushkara Bhaga and Mrityu Bhaga are changed, now they are displayed when the planet is within one degree behind or in front of the specified degree
  • The column "Sign" has been renamed to "Rasi". Red "!" - Sarpa Drekkana
  • The new "Navamsa" column. Green "!" - Pushkara Navamsa, red "!" - Visha Navamsa
  • The column "Nakshatra (Pada, Lord)". Red "!" next to Pada - Ashtamamsa, at the end of the value - Gandanta
  • The new "NB" column (natural beneficence). Malefics are the Sun, Moon (from the 23rd to the 8th Tithi), Mars, Mercury (in conjunction with a malefic), Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Benefics: the Moon (from the 8th to the 23rd Tithi), Mercury (alone or in conjunction with a benefic), Jupiter and Venus. Mixed - Mercury (in conjunction with a malefic and benefic)
  • Column "FB". Red "!" - Badhakesh
  • Combined column "C/PW" - combustion in percent (degrees of combustion changed: Moon - 12, Mars - 17, Mercury (R) - 14 (12), Jupiter - 11, Venus (R) - 10 (8), Saturn - 15), the planetary war in the form of red "!"
  • Redesign was done in the "Rectification" tab, the rectification interval for divisional charts was increased to 2 hours, and for tattvas up to 24 hours
  • Redesign was done in the "Compatibility" tab, now the "Mars/Venus Position", "Sun/Moon Position", the mutual position of all the planets, their position in the partner's houses and conjunction with other planets are now displayed, and for Kuja Dosha became displayed the house number
  • Redesign was done in the "Varshaphala" section
  • The "Calendar" section is deleted, instead of it there are now two fully functional sections - "Muhurta" and "Transits". The table with general information on the planets for them is the same, and it should be noted that the column "Bindu" contains information related the natal Ashtakavarga. Also in the column "Kakshya" it was additionally became displayed whether the lord of Kakshya gives the bindu in the Bhinnashtakavarga of the planet (+) or does not give (-)


  • Redesign was done, "Gulika Kala" and "Yamagandam" are removed, for the lunar month (Masa) the period is now calculated, as well as Suunya Tithi/Nakshatra/Rasi, which if are present will also be marked "!" next to the value
  • The accuracy of calculations of the Muhurta parameters is increased
  • The order of Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra yogas is changed, now they are arranged in order of their strength, first VTN, then VN, VT and TN yogas
  • Calculation of the special Nakshatras in which the Moon is located (Asiivisha, Kantaka Sthula, Ravi Yoga, etc.)
  • The ability to save the chart of Muhurta, specifying an auxiliary comment, which in the future can also be opened
  • Calculation of Panchanga for a month in visual display: Vara, Tithi, Nakshatra, Karana, Yoga, as well as Tara Bala, Chandra Bala and VTN yogas. All time intervals are highlighted in color depending on the favorability and the selected event, by clicking on the period you can calculate the chart at the beginning of this period. Also, all this information, except for VTN yogas, can be seen in text form by clicking on "In detail"
  • Added more than 60 names of events for the selection of Muhurta, including wedding, conception, travel, etc. Each event has a detailed description, which is divided into items that are separately favorable and unfavorable. In addition, there are "General principles", based on which the favorable moment of time is assessed. 100 items, for each of them points are indicated (can be changed in the settings), they are sorted in order of importance and grouped by category
  • Analysis of Muhurta. If an event is selected and not "General principles", then the system will calculate both the parameters of the selected event and general principles, the results can be sorted by favorability or in order. For the general principles the final score will be shown, as well as the separately points for favorable and unfavorable factors. It is impossible to select Muhurta, relying only on points, but they largely help to weed out especially unfavorable and to allocate especially favorable intervals of time
  • Search of Muhurta within the specified days (not more than 31 days) and of time during the day. The resulting table displays all time intervals when the executed items of the selected event or general principles change, as well as the items themselves in the form of green/orange/red/white cells, depending on their availability and favorability. If you search within one day, then all results will be displayed, if for several, only those intervals with a score higher than or equal to 0, and this score, ranging from 0 to the maximum during the day, can be changed directly in the resulting table, filtering out the data. Also, for data filtering, you can set the mandatory execution (for favorable) or the absence (for unfavorable) of an item. For the landmark next to each date, the maximum score is displayed during the day. If an event is selected, clicking on the date, you can display all the results, that is, including points below 0, and next to the time points are indicated by clicking on which will additionally appear a similar table with general principles that will help further narrow the search results
  • Kala program was used as the basis for points for general principles. In general, when developing functionality of Muhurta, it was primarily based on Ernst Wilhelm "Classical Muhurta", then on the classical texts "Kalaprakashika" and "Muhurta Chintamani", and also on K.K. Joshi "Muhurta Traditional and Modern", which is written under the guidance of K.N. Rao


  • "Overlaying the transit chart to natal", "Position in the sign" and "Direction of motion" are moved to the tab "Transits". In the overlay table, instead of "D1: House from As/Mo", "D9: House from As/Mo", "Sarvashtaka" and "Bhinnashtaka" are now "House from Ascendant", "House from Moon" and "Aspects" (house numbers). For the Vedha, the planets that creates it are now displayed, for the natal planets the houses they ruled are displayed, and for the transit – retrograde motion
  • Calculation of the Transits of the planets for a year in visual display: direction of movement, occupied sign, house from the natal planet (you can select any planet, default Moon), Vedha, bindu in Sarvashtakavarga and Bhinnashtakavarga. The color indicates favorable and unfavorable positions depending on the house, bindu and presence/absence of Vedha, by clicking on the period you can calculate the chart at the beginning of this period. Also, all this information, with the exception of Vedha, can be seen in text form by clicking on "In detail"
  • Calculation of Kakshya for a month, which allows you to refine the results of the Transit of the planet depending on whether the lord of Kakshya gives the bindu in the Bhinnashtakavarga of the planet or does not give
  • Search of personal Transits in the specified interval, which are based on a natal chart, for example, when Transit Mars passes through the natal Ascendant within an orb of 3 degrees, or when Transit Mercury passes through signs in which there are more than 5 bindu in its Bhinnashtakavarga
  • Search of global Transits in the interval from 1500 to 2050, for example, when the conjunction of Mars and Saturn within an orb of 2 degrees, or when Venus passes through the 1st Pada of Ashvini

The "Structure" section is combined with the "Charts" section. Adding sections, as well as adding, moving and importing charts have been moved to the menu panel. Data is loaded now much faster, all actions on sections and charts occur without reloading the page. Now the storage structure for sections and charts resembles how it is arranged on the computer, first there are sections, and then charts, for each of which you can now specify the type (Jataka, Prashna, Muhurta or Mundane). In addition, you can display all the charts at once, and not only from the selected section, by selecting "All charts"

The "Ashtamamsa", "Sarpa Drekkana" and "Visha Navamsa" items was added to the "Research" section to the "Other" category