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Correctness of coordinates and time zones

24 Dec 2018

What do you think is most important for accurate chart analysis, for correct predictions? Professionalism, great experience, good teacher? - No, none of this will help when considering a horoscope, if it is builded incorrectly! Learning how to correctly calculate the natal chart is one of the main tasks, especially, to determine the time zone.

For a long time I did not introduce automatic calculation of time zones, being afraid to provide inaccurate information, but as it turned out, many astrologers make many mistakes with manual methods of determination! In the last 10 days, I received 30 complaints with the mark "Incorrect time zone" and only 1 of them was really wrong, and only because there were 2 cities Venice, both of which belonged to the United States, while one of them should be to Italy. In 5 more cases, the same time zone was specified, which is determined on my website, in other cases people were convinced that the time zone was incorrectly defined.

In this connection, I expanded the functionality of the site. Now, if the automatic detection of the time zone does not display any notification, then the settlement is classified as reliable, for which time zones are carefully were analyzed. For example, localities that belong to the Moscow time zone are reliable. Therefore, even if you have used a different time zone for a long time, but notifications about the error did not appear, then first check the accuracy based on the instructions below and, after that, if necessary, report the error to me at

Recommendations for cases where the time zone must be determined manually (specify the correctness):

1. Site Specify a locality and, based on the birth data, find the time zone ("Offset After")

2. "ZET" program. In the program menu, select "Horoscope" -> "Initial data" and specify the birth data, including the locality

"ZET" is more accurate for the USSR and the CIS, for the rest of the world. Also I would like to say a few words regarding the site, which some astrologers turn to. Keep in mind that when determining the time zone you may need not only the date, but also the time of the transfer of hours. And this site does not use the local time of the selected settlement, but the time in Paris, and taking into account the summer time in Paris, due to which the error can reach about 10 hours.

In addition, in my account in the "Charts" section on the menu bar next to the "Charts moving" I added a button to search ffor charts with incorrect data, upon clicking on which only those charts are displayed that have the wrong coordinate format or time zone (or when it is not defined by the system). All charts with incorrect format of the specified data lead to incorrect calculation of the natal chart. This functionality should be used both for the charts already existing in the database, and for those charts that are imported into the system from other astrological programs. To make the necessary changes, use the data editing icon. A detailed description added to the user manual, I will duplicate it here:

- If a check mark is displayed next to the time zone or coordinates, then no changes are required.

- If a cross mark is displayed next to the time zone or coordinates, then the data is incorrect. When you click on the data, a pop-up window appears, showing errors that need to be corrected. And in order to facilitate this task, general recommendations and an example will be given in the "Incorrect coordinates" window.

- If a question mark is displayed next to the time zone, it means that the time zone could not be determined based on the system’s population base. Also, the reason may be the coordinates in the wrong format, in this case, you must make the necessary edits.

- If the time zone is crossed out, then the recommended time zone is displayed next to it, which, as in the previous case, is determined by searching for the nearest locality, based on the coordinates. When you click on the data, a pop-up window appears, showing possible errors, the recommended time zone, and tips for checking the correctness of the time zone.

I tested this functionality on hundreds of different charts and checked those time zones that the system recommended instead of the existing ones - the personal base of time zones showed high accuracy.