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Improved section «Research»

06 Nov 2017
  • Fixed various bugs, some elements of the site are reduced in size

  • The site acquired the slogan and became known as the "Vedic horoscope online «Find the regularity»" (research and the search of regularities

    were the original goal of the project)
  • List of events/tags changed and increased to about 500 names

  • To know the validity of the birth time for the charts was added the field «Source (details) of the birth time»

  • On the chart analysis page, next to the «Save» button, was added the "+" button to add charts to the personal base (in the pop-up window you can set birth data and select a section to save)

Section «Search»:

  • The section was renamed into «Research», added to the main menu of the site and became free (search of charts in the personal base remains available only for paid subscription)

  • For users without a paid subscription became available settings that are used when searching of charts: Arudhas (without exceptions/with exceptions, use Rahu/Ketu when stronger), Chara Karakas (7 karakas/8 karakas), Rahu/Ketu (true/mean), Ashtakavarga (Parasara/Varahamihira), Ayanamsa and method of calculation of divisional chart (D2, D3, D4, D5 and D9)

  • Thanks to the site, the number of Astro-Databank charts has been increased from 25000 to 51000 charts, with the addition of events, tags and a link to Wikipedia (for English version of the site - to the English version, for the Russian version - to Russian), in addition, the base of charts will grow daily and maintained up-to-date

  • In the search criteria for the Astro-Databank base you can now set not only astrological combinations, but also «Presence of life events», «Presence of a link to Wikipedia», «Event/Tag» (over 1000 names that are translated into Russian), «Letter of the alphabet to which the name begins» or «Name (part of the name)» (including in Russian if have a link to Wikipedia)

  • In the search criteria for a personal base you can now set «Presence of description», «Presence of notes» or «Presence of events/tags» (these filtering criteria also became available in the «Charts» section), and events/tags for search can now be selected in a convenient pop-up window (editing button next to the list of events/tags)

  • For fields where previously was set a range of values ​​(«Cluster», «Bindu», «Yoga» and «Degrees»), an additional field was added to select the condition: ">=", "<=" or "=="

  • In the search results for the Astro-Databank base the number of events/tags is additionally indicated for each chart (a list of events/tags in the pop-up window will appear when clicking), a link to Wikipedia (if any) and a birth time source when hovering over Rodden Rating

  • The item «Birth data, events/tags, etc.» was added to the export pop-up window for Astro-Databank charts, which additionally allows you to save a text document with all the data of the chart

  • The functional of «Statistics» became available also for Astro-Databank charts, analyzing the data in the resulting table, and not in the selected section, as before

  • When building an Astro-Databank chart from the resulting table, the «Periods» tab on the chart analysis page, independent of having a paid subscription, will be displaying links to Astro-Databank and Wikipedia, as well as a list of tags and events (for events with the full date is calculated the periods of Vimshottari, Yogini and Jaimini`s Chara dasha by K.N. Rao at the moment time)