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Paid functionality of the system (each arrow points to the manual of the user where the detailed description is):

Change in settings: chart style, duration of the year for the period systems, Ayanamsa, different building of divisional charts and so on

Calculation of yogas: over 200 combinations of forming yogas, including Solar, Lunar, Mahapurusha, Nabhasa and other yogas (Raja, Dhana, Parivarthana, Neecha Bhanga and etc)

Calculation of Yogini dasha and Jaimini’s Chara dasha by K.N. Rao as well as showing of description, notes and events / tags in the tab "Periods". Vimshottari, Yogini and Jaimini’s Chara dasha by K.N. Rao are showed for each event

Opportunity to change the birth time without reloading the page: + - seconds, minutes, hours and building of a chart with use of time, received in the process of rectification and calculation of the time of ascendant change

Rectification by divisional charts: allows knowing the time of ascendants change for the selected divisional charts

Rectification by tattvas: allows calculating the possible birth time according to the Nadi method, described by S.Rao

Compatibility: Ashtakuta and additional Kutas taking into account all exceptions and detailed description of each Kuta, as well as auxiliary information such as Kuja dosha from As/Mo/Ve, bindu in the 7th house and etc. for both partners

Varshaphala: for a year, month, Sahams, Mudda dasha, Harsha bala, Pancha Vargiya bala, Dwadasa Vargiya bala, Muntha, Varshesha, all 16 Tajaka Yogas

Calculation of the transit chart: on the specified date, time and place with getting the parameters used to select Muhurta, the overlay of a transit chart on the natal, the calculation of 21 Maha Dosha, the calendar for the month, and the periods for each planet during which it is in that or other sign, and the periods during which it is in direct or retrograde motion

Section "Structure" for work of the base of astrological charts: formation of a tree data structure, import charts from the programs Jagannatha Hora, Parashara's Light or Grahas

Section "Charts" for work of the base of astrological charts: filter data, change in the birth data, description, notes and events / tags from the list (over 400), export of charts in Jagannatha Hora, Parashara's Light or Grahas

Section "Research": allows finding charts not only using the Astro-Databank base (≈51000 charts), but also using the base of the own charts

Prices for paid functionality:

- 648 rubles ($ 12) for 3 months;
- 972 rubles ($ 17) for 6 months;
- 1512 rubles ($ 26) for 12 months.

It is necessary to write the paid amount depending on the subscription period (3, 6 or 12 months). It is prohibited to subscribe for 1 year. In addition, you have to write E-mail, said in registration in the system. It is possible to write it in the comment when you pay or send it to with information confirming your payment. The paid subscription in your account will be extended for one day after the payment. You will be informed about it.

You can see duration of the paid subscription on the home page. When the number of days will be less than 10 or equal to it, on the page of the analysis of the chart there will be a notification. From that moment you should extend the subscription, not earlier.

Possible methods of payment:

1. The payment system PayPal

2. Yandex.Money - 410014501166231

- Directly on the account
- Use a terminal
- Other ways
- Use the form below