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Key features of the system

The system is designed for Vedic astrologers and people, who are interested in astrology (Jyotish). The Vedic horoscope online includes the following functionality:

  1. Generate and describe a horoscope
  2. Work on the own base of astrological charts
  3. Conduct astrological researches

A natal chart can be built both in the south and north style. It is possible to choose Ayanamsa, change the time of birth without reloading the page, save the chart in PNG or download the text of interpretations in PDF. All divisional charts are calculated up to D60, general information (position in the sign, house, etc.), special Lagnas, influence on the house of aspects and argala, yogas, Ashtakavarga, Varshaphala, Muhurta, Vimshottari, Yogini and Jaimini`s Chara dasha by K.N. Rao and others.

The first distinctive feature of the system is the unique opportunity to work with the base of astrological online charts forming the own tree structure for saving charts. Data of birth, description, notes and events / tags can be edited in each chart, a statistical report is implemented. It is also possible to import charts to the system and export them to the computer using the following programs: Jagannatha Hora, Parashara`s Light or Grahas.

The second key feature of the Vedic horoscope online – to conduct researches, namely, to find charts with any astrological combination using the base of the own charts and Astro-Databank base (≈51000 charts). It allows not only to check the principles of the classical astrological works, but also to reveal the trends. For example, you can search AK Moon in 7th house in Leo or Sun in trine from AL in D9.

The project is actively developed. The functionality of the system will be significantly extended in 2018.

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